Obama’s health plan address, a bad idea!

7 Sep

Planning a prime-time health plan address before a more complete and rational plan is on the table, can be a terrible mistake!

Since Obama’s forte is his oratorical skills, putting those skills to the test may cause the President harm. President Obama is like a boxer in the ring who must weaken his opponent enough so that he can win with one single knockout punch, but is quite unsure how weak his adversary is when the punch is to be delivered.

If the opposition is still too strong to be silenced with one punch (the speech,) the health-plan may suffer a mortal blow by the President’s address.

Why is Obama putting his most formidable skill to the test in order to defend something that is much too complicated and incomplete to be defended? If it is arrogance, then a speech that does not reach its mark may wake the President up and teach him a lesson in humility, a lesson that he can surely use.

The problem, however, is that the United States does need a good health-plan and could not afford to discard the present effort just because the President wants to give a speech.

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