Health care and the Peter Principle; inadvertently Palin may have been right.

17 Aug

Observing Sarah Palin since the 2008 Presidential election, one learns to take her words with a grain of salt; it is clear that to the hockey-mom, ex-governor of Alaska, political expediency comes ahead of facts.

Sarah Palin tirade regarding the death-panels (squads, as I like to call them) is not based on fact, her words are strictly politically motivated. That notwithstanding, it is quite likely that in the United States a government established system will assume a life of its own and start to grow; often following the Peter Principle which suggest that all things [human] tend to grow to the level of their incompetence.

It appears that the intent behind death counseling is quite honorable, counseling the elderly about the inevitable death and its consequences, is indeed a positive undertaking. But counseling will likely evolve into advising, and advising into suggesting, and finally, the inevitable, all end with instructing, or ordering, the senior how life must end.

Neither government, nor a death panel, those entities without any emotional ties to a dying senior, should ever be put in a position to play a role in determining said senior end of life!

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