Why it is not possible for either pure Socialism, or pure Capitalism to survive? (Part II)

14 Jul

Examples of actual, and nearly pure Socialism can be only found among cults, small Israeli Kibbutzim, or highly autocratic societies. Since Socialism requires collective, rather than individual incentives for members to better themselves, a centralized authority must exercise tight control on activities within the community. The Kibbutz, as are most cults are relatively small entities that is relative easy to control. Countries that attempt to adopt Socialism have much more difficult taskd and must deploy high level control over the population; Cuba may be a case in point.

By its nature, a socialist system without tight control, is likely to end up in chaos; an out of control disaster.

A purely capitalistic system in one that attempts to allow people to fend for themselves, counting on an honest, and pure hearted subjects.  Time and time again, most recently under George W. Bush, people proved that greed takes over when it is not controlled by government, and shades of anarchy start to rear their nugly heads.

Similar to Socialism, Capitalism may thrive in very small entities, but even then, such as in the case Monaco, Capitalism must call on Socialist elements to have a satisractorly functioning system. As in the case of Monaco, it call on outside government help, such as Monaco’s dependence on France and on the European Union for a large number services, and activities.

History of the human race suggest that for an economic system to succeed and prosper, elements of several econimic theories must be deployed. The United States, during its most prosperous times, was a Capitalistc society deploying numerous socialistic elemts to prevent it from become an anarchy and collapse. At best, the Unites States can be labled: Quasi-Capitalism.

Since, regardless of what some religious suggest, not all people are created equal, a system allowing its people to act strictly on their own self interests, disparities that result can only cause conflict, that is likely to eventually bring about anarchy. The US uses socialistic elements to avert disaster by offering social security, a tax system that does some [small] amount of income equalization, securities trade control (under the SEC,) and other government controls of trade and the acquisition of wealth.

By the same token socialistic societies borrow numerous capitalistic elements to keep from falling into chaotic situations.  Union labors, strong Socialistic tools, are kept from monopolizing all jobs, allowing for some level of free trade, and not controlling individual wealth by allowing personal possessions beyond just what is required for a living, are but a few of the capitalistic elements used by most successfully functioning socialistic system.

Summing up: Pure Capitalism can only lead to anarchy, while pure Socialism can only lead to chaos. History clearly demonstrates that a hybrid economic system, each using elements from various economic theories, is what required to survive and succeed in human society. The mix of system depends on culture (including religion,) environment, and system of government.

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