Palin: Shades of Agnew, Quail & Cheney.

13 Jul

Sharah Palin remain on the national political scene primerily due to un-relenting media exposure, be it negative, or otherwise. Few days go by when Palin’s name does not appear someplace in the media, a strategy that may hurt Palin because it would give the public more than enough time to examine her weaknesses before the 2012 election.

Palin reminds this author of three GOP Veeps:

1) Agnew with his shady dealings. Palin with all the corruption investigations; where there is smoke, there must be fire.

2) Quail’s inarticulate speeches are much like those Plain gives whenever she has an opportunity.

3) Cheney’s, arrogance. Palin suggesting that she is destine to higher calling, when to date she seems to have demostrated that she is a product of the Peter Principle: Reaching [and exceeding] her level of incompetence.

In his desperation to line-up some conservative votes, John McCain created a monster that may well give the Democrats the best Presidential opponent that they could wish for 2012: Sarah Palin.

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