Since elected: Obama slowly, deliberatly, and proudly, exposing his roots! If re-elected, will there be a Koranic-inauguration?

12 Jul

During the 2008 primaries and Presidential election, President Obama was careful to  keep his heritage hidden. Obama never used his Islamic middle name, Hussein, until the inauguration, and he kept insisting that he is not now, and never was a Muslim.

President Obama does not speak of his Islamic roots, he lets the public accept him as a Muslim since he was born into Islam, and in Islam, leaving the religion is a mortal sin.  Obama openly addressed his African heritage while in Ghana, bowed to a Muslim king, and stated that the United States never was and will never be an enemy of Islam. In the case of suggesting that the United States is not an enemy of Islam, President Obama leaves out a number of critical items: 1) Islam, through Koranic declarations is an enemy of the largely infidel United States, and (2) Most of Islam is on record is being an enemy and wishing to destroy Israel, and bu virtueof Israel being a close ally and friend of the United States, don’t enemies of ypour friends are your enemies, as well? 

Rather then to jump in and admit to his Islamic and [black] African tendencies and cause a furor among conservatives, President Obama is slowly, and deliberatly offering the American public doses of his REAL being.  By the time 2012 arrives, unless President Obama performs badly as President, his religion and race be so much an integral of the man that the public would not even object to President Obama being sworn into office, using the Koran and not the Christan Bible.


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