Obama’s “cultural Islamization” of the Unites States (Part II.) And, members of the “Nation of Islam” are NOT Muslims!

11 Jul

Before the emergence of Barak Hussein Obama as a dark knight on his white horse, a number African Americans (many of them athletes, and entertainers of other ilks,) started to assume Arabic names, and as early as 1930, had a unique religion established, just for them.

It is important to understand that the Nation of Islam (NOI), is not Islam, but that it is rather a religion that was established in the United States by and for black people. NOI is not Islam, it does not accept some of Islam’s most central teachings, unlike Islam, it does set a race, the black people, apart from all other races.

Not to dwell on the fact that the NOI is an entirely separate entity from Islam, let me just add that the NOI does not accept Koranic law (the Sharia,) it does not believe that Muhammad had the last word from Allah, as Muslims do, and unlike Islam, it does not accept that Adam and Eve were the first people created by Allah, they rather accept that black people were the first humans to be created, and they were created by black scientists.

Even though Barak Obama, at one time, or another, had dealing with Louis Farrakhan, there is no reason to believe that Obama has any interest in NOI; notwithstanding the fact that Louis Farrakhan, on at least one recent occasion, proclaimed Obama the Messiah. 

Barak Hussein Obama, by virtue of his birthrights, is a mainstream Muslim, even though he may not be practicing the religion. Since Barak Obama spent most of his formative years under Islamic influence, one must accept the fact that Obama’s thinking, instincts, and character are in some part of Islamic nature.

Since some of those things are inherited and are present from birth, and some of those things are instilled into a person during the formative years, they are an integral part of that person. The person may not be aware of their existence, they nevertheless exist. If nothing else, it is fair to assume, that if in no other way, Obama’s Islam clearly exist in his subconscience.

The “Islamization” that is occurring under President Obama is not a grass-roots movement, nor is it a popular event; to date the phenomena manifests itself in Obama’s presentations of the United States national views to the rest of the world. There are many, especially conservative in the United States, who vehemently object to the face Obam put on the country, but for all the objectors, Obama’s popularity makes his presentations appear to have popular support.

The image Obama is carving for the United States is of a country whose Muslim population, Obama says, makes it one of the largest Muslim nation in the world. Obama also says that the United States never was and never will an enemy of Islam, a statement not based on facts and one that leaves out the fact that the Koran consider all infidels its enemies, and the United States is a country made up mostly of infidels (non Muslims.) Not only that, much of Islam declared Israel its enemy, and isn’t your friends’ enemies your enemies, as well?

Barak Obama’s Islamization of the United States will not likely to lead to a situation where school children have to abide by the five Pillars or Islam, or pray to Allah five time a day. It may, however, lead to a President being sworn into office on a Koran, rather than a Bible. During his first Inauguration President Obama, for the first time in many month, revealed and use his Muslim name, Hussein. Should Obama get reelected, it would not be surprising, that with right wing political election-pressure becoming inconsequential, Obama may use the Koran for his swearing in ceremony, and that sooner, or later, he may openly embrace Islam as his religion of choice. 

As a footnote: The Nation of Islam does not contribute to any Islamization of the United States, it is simply a fringe group without  substantial commonality with Islam.


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