Will [Jewish] Israel survive Obama?

8 Jul

There are many religion associate sovereign nations, be they Islamic Republics, Christian Democracies, or what-have-you. The United States model of a government where state and church are separated may make more sense than do religion affiliated nations, but those do exist, and may remain.

Israel’s nature as a Jewish (Democracy) was not entirely by choice. Jewish people were not welcomed by many nations while Adolf Hitler was exterminating members of their religion, and they needed a place where they would be accepted for what they were; Israel became the choice.

There are those who claim that Israel’s character as a Jewish state was a divine edict to the world, but not hearing directly from that source, let’s simply accept that the Jews in Israel are there due need, not necessarily due to a Jehova directive.

All that notwithstanding, Israel can only remain a Jewish state as long as Jews make up the majority of its population. Allowing the right of return Palestian refugees may sooner-or-later change the composition of the population and cause Israel to cease to be a Jewish stste. The right of return is not the only thing that endanger the Jewish state. From Iran’s formal declaration that it would destroy Israel, to those from the likes of Hammas, Hezbollah, and other Muslim entities that would like to see the Jewish state disappear.

In nearly six months as President of the United States, Barak Hussein Obama, through both words and action, demonstrated Islamic sympathies, and character. Other actions by Obama have been responsible for eroding the alliance between Israel and the United States, an alliance that lasted and remained strong for over sixty years.

Obama may not be a practicing Muslim, but his actions demonstrate the instincts, and character of a Muslim; while his words clearly suggest sympathies towards Islam. The President’s behavior clearly suggest that a cultural Islamization is taking place in the United States, a dangerous phenomena, if there ever was one.

Assuring Iran, as Obama recently did, that he would not approve of Israel taking-out Iran’s nuclear capabilities, and telling the world that the United States will never be an enemy of Islam, also increases Israel chance of surviving as a Jewish state.


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