Obama, another Quixotic Jimmy Carter?

8 Jul

Jimmy carter and George  W. Bush, are likely the two worse Presidents in United State history; will Barak Obama join the two, or will barak Obama pull away and become a great President?

Characteristics that Obama shares with Carter:

1) Obama and Carter are smart! Both man posses a great deal of knowledge, but neither is very good at applying that knowledge. There is a Navajo saying: Knowledge is of the past, wisdom of the future; based on that saying, Obama and Carter seem to lack wisdom. Or, in the case of Obama, is it a as was often , repeated during the 2008 Presidential election, and as Ahmadinejad recently said, that the man, Obama, simply lacks experience?

2) Both Obama and Carter are dreamers, and neither is realistic, or pragmatic, both are actually Quixotic type dreamers.

3) Carter and Obama are naive, both man believe in the goodness of man, and fail to face reality.

There are also differences:

Carter is a man of character who believe in loyalties and commitments; Obama is an opportunist who would drop friends off the bus if it serves his purpose.

Carter is a man of God. Obama is either a Wright-ilk Christan, or due to birthrights, a Muslim.

Obama is a great orator, Carter is not.

Contrasting the two man with Ronald Reagan:

Reagan was a visionary, neither Obama, nor Carter fit that mold.

Reagan was a great communicator, neither Carter, nor Obama are. Carter was simply inept at communicating with people; Obama, the great orator that he is, unlike Reagan who spoke to people,  speaks AT, not TO people.

Will Obama, the Quixote dreamer that he is, the man who resembles Carter in so many ways, be able to carve a different niche and not end up as just another inept US President?


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