Ahmadinejad: A Jewish/Aryan attempting to lead Islam

5 Jul

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the small man who was just re-appointed Prime Minister by the Ayatollahs, is a person with typical little-man, “Napoleonic,” complex; not only driven by his smallish size, he is also pushing himself  beyond reason because of his unmistakeably Jewish mannerism and facial features.

With looks of a 19th Century caricature of a Jew, sounding like a Jew, and mannerism, especially mannerism; Ahmadinejad walks like a duck, sounds like a duck, and act like a duck, he must be a duck, or in this case: A Jew.

Ahmadinejad Holocaust denial is but another attempt to maintain a posture of a the uniter who, much like Hitler, s unifier that can put together a Superior ruling race, while realizing, just like Hitler did that there is Jewish blood in the veins.


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