Israel, 50 new settlement units authorized: In your face, Obama! Or, Impotent dealing with Iran: Obama forfeits role of leader of the Free Word!

29 Jun

For all practical purposes, Obama’s inept and impotent in dealing with the Iran election, and its aftermath, caused the American President to forfeit his role as leader of the Free World, and signaled to the like of Israel, that instructions from Obama are no more than idle talk. Even Ahamdinejad suggested that Obama’s handling of the Iran situation was a clear cemonstration that any talk of diplomacy was no more than words, words without any credibility.

When, in tghe meeting with Netanyahu, Barak Obama did not ask, or suggest, but rather attempted to instruct the Israeli Prime Minister to have Israel stop building on the West Bank, President Obama overstepped his bounds; you don’t instruct friends and allies, you ask, advise, or consult!

If President Obama hopeds to lead the free world, Barak Obama will have to learn how to communicate with allies, and how to assume control when dealing with adversaries such as the Iranians.

Consistent with what Ahmadinejad said recently, and with what Hilary Clinton said during the US election, Obama is inexperienced for the job of President, and his lack od experience, coupled with some misjudgements and understanding of his adversaries, may make Obama an inept President who could harm the United States unless he quickly get appropriate help, and shed some of his unrealistic ideals, such as the belief that Islam is a peaceful religion, and that the United States can indeed be a friend of Islam.


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