Did Obama’s reluctance to confront Islam result in squandering an opportunity of “neutralizing” Iran?

27 Jun

Did Obama’s reluctance to confront Islam result in squandering an opportunity of neutralizing Iran?

President Obama may not even be aware of the fact that his Islamic roots, instincts, and sympathies, those elements that constitute his soul, keep him from confronting Islam, but he clearly does!

In the case of Iran, President Obama decision to act objective and let the Iranian peoplechoose, was ill conceived, and poorly executed. There is little or no doubt that the Iranian elections were flawed. Not even sophisticated counting equipment could have declared a winner in an election with 50 million votes, as did the Iranians. The protest that followed should support that notion, the Iranian elections were rigged, and other nations should have officially objected to the results.

President Obama’s relatively mild rhetoric’s about the election gave Ahmadinejad an opening to criticize the young American President, call him inexperienced, and object to his meddling in Iran’s affairs. Obama not insisting on at a minimum of an objective international review of Iran’s election results, and at least an official hintof US holding back recognition of the newly elected government, did strengthened Ahmadinejad, and, of course, weakened Obama who cannot be viewed as leader of the free world with his mellow tone, and inaction.

Not being inside of Obama;s head no one but President Obama, and perhaps not even the President, can tell how much of his behavior is due to his Islamic soul. No one can tell with any level of certainty, if you will. Does Obama’s Muslim should represent a chinc in his arm, a weakness in his ability to govern the United States in a effective manner while Islamic forces are out to hurt the country?


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