Weak response to Iran: Is Obama’s “Muslim” Soul in control?

24 Jun

Could Obama’s deeprooted Islamic background be constraining his reaction to Iran’s treatment of its own public, and its total disregard of the democratic process?

The United States President, Barak Hussein Obama, may be a Christian by choice, but are his birthrights as a Muslim keep him from dealing with Muslims, and Islam, with an even-hand?

In Turkey, and in Cairo, Obama made a fool of himself. First stating that Islam never was, and never will be, an enemy of the United States. And then, in spite of a US history of having its citizens’ blood spilled while freeing Muslims around the world, President Obama apologized for historic US actions against Muslims.

It is quite clear that Obama Islamic roots affect his behavior, and his actions. The question: When push comes to shove, will his Islamic soul cause him to act against the best interests of the US and its allies (i. e. The Saudis, Israel, etc.)?


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