Iran’s election: Ahmadinejad trumps Obama, again; or, the rejection of Obama’s Cairo Quixotic speech!

13 Jun

Yesterday’s suggestion by Obama that he welcomes a robust dialogue in Iran, seemed to have been another of the young President’s dreams; over 60% for Ahmadinejad, not much of a robust opposition…

Obama leads and governs by preaching and promoting hope, and change; good things both, if supported by reality, but dangerous if they are just dreams of a dreamer!

The Iranian election is a clear demonstration that Obama’s dream of dialogue with Islam is no more than just a dream, the hallucinations of a dreamer!

It is time for Obama to have a serious dialogue with Israel and agree on means to take-out Iran’s nuclear capabilities, or, in a few years, face the dire consequences of Iran with nuclear bombs. Iran already demontrated bomb delivery capability to carry nukes as far as Europe, all of Russia, other Middle Eastern countries, and, of course, Israel, the country Ahmadinejad is on record as a country he wishes to destroy.

Obama must wake up and face the fact that his diplomacy towards Islam, especially towars Iran, does not make him a statesman, but rather a Quixotic dreamer who cannot defeat the windmills in his way unless he resorts to carrying a big stick.


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