Is Obama’s US (“the dog,”) being wagged by Islamic interests (“the tail”)? Or, is the US undergoing cultural “Islamization,” under Obama?

3 Jun

President Barak HUSSEIN Obama gave his first television interview to Al Arabia, an Islamic, anti American, and anti Jewish media outlet; was that the first signal of the process of Islamization?

In Turkey the young President told his audience that the United States is not now, and will never be at war with Islam, Obama failed to realize that the Islamic Bible, the Koran is a declaration of war against Christians, Christianity, Jews, and all other infidels, or, was that an official declaration that HIS United States is NOT a Judea-Christian country, but one turning towards Islam?

Obama with his Islamic roots, Islamic instincts, Islamic sympathies, is on the way to the Middle East, where he will bow to a king; and tell audiences that the United States is the dearest world Islam could ever wish for. The President preempted his visit by telling Mahmoud Ahmadinejad that the United States will capitulate and let him have Nuclear capabilities.

There are those who worry about Obama’s socialistic policies, they should put that in perspective, not be concerned, and start to worry about the United States move towards Islam. This is not to say that the United States under Barak Hussein Obama will become a Muslim nation, but this is to suggest that its culture and alliances are very likely to shift in that direction; and that the Islamic world will take advantage of that shift and that the United States will pay, and continue to pay for the actions of this President with his Islamic birthrights and tendencies.


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