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Rove and Morris, the epithome of losers, now Fox-News “political gurus:”

3 May

We were in Washington when Dick Morris disgraced himself and was summarily kicked out by President Clinton; Morris became a mean, and an angry person; he is vindictive, and full of hate for the Clintons. Now, the outcast Morris was lifted from the gutter and proclaimed a guru by Fox-News, what a travesty!

Karl Rove single handed lost the 2006 election for the GOP because of his inability to communicate to more than just the about 27% of the US electorate that makes up the  conservative movement, and even to that movement Rove was only able to communicate without enough depth to be ever effective again. Rove’s arrogance and lack of understanding of the American public in general,  render him a toothless tiger in US politics.  Even Rove’s claim to fame, the 2004 election, was not won by the GOP, but was rather bought using political credits; what a sad example of American politics!

Fox-News own commentators:  Sean Hannnity, Bill O’Reilley, and Glenn Beck, to mention a few of the most inflexible ideologues, cannot see the forest for the trees.  These expertcommentators, the in-house gurus, if you will,  are inciteful, use semantics to draw crowds (or ratings,) and shed crocodile tears (Glenn Beck, an actor turned: Who-knows-what) to demonstrate sensitivity, continually, and fabricate projections of looming disasters!

Those mentioned above, the in-house newsman, as well as Morris and Rove, always speak with authority, always with their emotions on their sleeves, be the emotion anger of deep sorrow, like their mentor, Mr. Rush Limbaugh they appeal to the emotions of less educated and knowledgeable audiences, and represent an ever present danger to civilized discord.

There are some reasonable voices on Fox-News; the aforementioned five, all discipled of Rush Limbaugh, are, however, a disgrace to American journalism.

Limbaugh’s Politicizing and minimizing the threat of swine-flu; the epitome of irresponsibility:

2 May

Politicizing the swine-flu, a sample of Limbaugh disgraceful and irresponsible behavior:

Limbaugh after repeating the fact that he is 91.1% correct explained to his audience that, while the global community was entering a state of panic: The swine flu pandemic is Democrat fabrication designed to divert attention from Obama’s lackluster first 100 days!

The man who speaks for the United States conservatives, the man who claims to nearly never be wrong, insulted those members of the global community who have a level of intelligence beyond that of the herd of sheep that is his (Limbaugh’s) audience.

Limbaugh is a druggy, shaking as he was at the CPAC convention while wishing that Obama should fail. Limbaugh’ ego is either so big, or his insecurities so enormous, that by making outrageous statements he thinks his poor academic history, his highly immoral life, and low level of intelligence, can be hidden; they cannot!

Rush Limbaugh is a disgrace to conservatism (that he claims to represent,) to the GOP, and more importantly, to the United States. When will Limbaugh learn to either shut-up, or start dealing with realities, and not with his drug generated fantasies!