Why is it acceptable to kill the “enemy,” but not to torture for the same reason: Saving friendlies life?

15 May

Soldiers are instructed to kill the enemy of said enemy represent a danger to the soldiers and his comrade’s.

Now soldiers are told that torture is unacceptable, even if it designed to save “friendly” lives.

The Bible does not forbid torture, it does not, however, condone killing; is the United States, under Barak Obama’s rule, is more capable than is the Bible to determine what is allowed, and what is not?

If torture is designed to save lives, why is it any more immoral than killing enemies that represent imminent danger? It may be a good time for the Obama Administration, and the United States Congress to determine the right and wrongs of war. Teaching a soldier that at time killing is his duty, but torture, under any circumstances, is evil does seem to make a great deal of sense.

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