Cheney joins, Agnew, and Quail, as blight, and bring into question the selection process of US leader! There are also indications that Sarah Palin, should she have been elected Vice President, would have fit the Agnew, Cheney, Quail mold.

12 May

The White-house was absolutely right by electing to not bring itself down to his level and respond to Dick Cheney.

A disgraced Agnew, inept Quail, and shameless Cheney, brings about questions about the election process in the United States.

From an earlier blog: Vice Presidents do count!

United States Vice Presidents do matter!

For some reason, or another, the Republican party, within my memory, seems to often select Vice Presidents who could at best make very marginal Presidents, and perhaps even not very good dog catchers!

Leading the charge, of course, is Dick Cheney, with his WMD’s, and other positive yet questionable pronouncents that proved less than accurate.

Following was the disgraced Spiro Agnew (who I met in an elevator in Tehran,)  the Vice Presidential candidate, Sarah Palin (the conservative mother who cannot even keep a a daughter from having a baby out of wedlock,) and, of course, there was, under George Herbert Walker Bush,  Dan Quayl of potatoes fame. 

There are, of course, exceptions. All exceptions, for some reason, advanced at later dates to become President. George Herbert Walker Bush was a good Vice President, and then highly respected President. Gerald Ford, and Richard Nixon were two other Republican Vice Presidents who did well as Vice Presidents, and also served as Presidents.

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