Inflexibility of most US political [media] voices such as: Limbaugh, Matthews, Hannity, Oberman, Coulter, Grapelo, Beck and Maddows, are destroying democracy which is founded on the priciple of civil discord, and honest discussion:

26 Apr

After the recent “tea party, Janeane Garofalo, on Countdown, the Keith Oberman television show,  insisted that it was purely a racial demonstration due to the fact that there is a black man in the White House. Since her vehement insistence that she was right, numerous liberal people who respect and even enjoy the fact that Obama occupies the White House, told that they participated in the tea party, and supported its message.

Speaking of the same tea party, Hannity and Beck claimed that it was a great success and that millions attended. Others, on the “liberal” end, claimed that only tens of thousands attended, and that it was a complete failure.

Limbaugh stated that he wanted Obama to fail, he later qualified his pronouncements and said that he only wanted Obama’s policies to fail; aren’t the man and his policy one and the same? Limbaugh essentially suggest that he is willing to let the baby go down the drain with the bath water, or to adversely affect the nation in order to destroy President Obama and his policies.

Both conservatives and liberals continue to state that they are the greatest. Wolf Blitzer never fails to mention that his is the best political team on television, while O’Reilley and other on Fox News, claim the same credit; could there be more than one best? Or, are they, in reality, the two worse?

Hannity complains that Obama is leading the country towards a failing socialistic system, not realizing that much of the US economic system is now, as it was under Reagan, and the Republican Presidents that followed him, laden with socialistic elements, some that the Founding Fathers included in the Constitution. There are no pure Socialism, or pure Capitalism practiced in the world; the nearest system to it may be the Israeli Kibbutz which includes numerous capitalistic segments in their governance’s.

Liberal and conservatives should start examining what is best for the country and find common ground for helping the United States be the best it can be. Leave semantics alone, become more pragmatic, talk to each other rather than lecturing to the whole world and telling all who would listen that they are the guardians of the truth, like Rush Limbaugh when he tells his audience that he is 91.1% correct and is always improving…

The United States is one country, it is wrong for the likes of Governor Perry of Texas to suggest that his state may leave the Union, or for liberal spokes-persons to wish for those in the Bush Administration who did what they felt was the best that they can do to protect the country and its values, to be punished for what might have been the torture of enemy prisoners, or the reduction of some citizens rights.

Dissent is good; but when times are hard, dissenters should be civil and attempt to improve the country even at the expense of what may be some of their political conviction.

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