Sarah Palin, the perfect Republican “sacrificial lamb!”

19 Apr

If Obama policies work to a reasonable degree, as they should, no qualified Republican candidate in her, or his,  right mind, would want to challenge the Democrats in 2012; so here comes Sarah Palin!  The Republicans can nominate her knowing that she cannot win, and hope to do better in 2016,,,

No qualified candidates would be willing to sacrifice their careers and challenge a successful Barak Obama, resulting in Palin standing out as a likely choice. Out of all potential Republican Presidential wannabees, Palin seems to be the only one with an intelligence low enough to accept the losing proposition of going against a successful Obama.

It is quite appropriate to have Sarah Palin, a person of religious conviction,  be set-up by the Republican party as a “Sacrificial-Lamb,” a fitting Biblical metaphor.

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