Obama unleashing Geithner, his secret weapon for fixing the economy!

24 Mar

The part of his economic recovery plan that Secretary Geithner presented on March 23, 2009, silenced many critics, forced others to change tactics, and gain the maligned Secretary a great deal of respect, while also adding to President Obama credibility for his steadfast support of Secretary Geithner.

Build-up for Geithner was enormous; he was to be such an asset that even his personal tax problems did not deter the Obama Administration from pushing his nomination to a successful end. Geithner was built up as the best person to get the United States out of its economic problems. The build-up reached a crescendo with his TARP II presentation during which time he was to tell the nation, and the world, how he was going to fix the economy.

Geithner presentation was a disaster! Audiences that were getting used to Geithner’s boss, President Obama the world-class oratory that he is, were let down by a lack-luster Geithner who neither spoke well, nor offered any meaningful information about an economy recovering plan. Geithner became the laughing stock of the media, especially to conservative voices who smelled red meat, or an Achilles-hill within Obama’s Administration.

Politicians and members of the media kept  taunting President Obama, asking when he would replace Geithner. Obama’s political rivals were having a blast, they thought that they found a big weakness in the Obama team.

In spits of all the ridicule, President Obama stood fast behind his choice and insisted that Tim Geithner is the right man for the job.

On March 23, 2009, President Obama unleashed a Tim Geithner with a plan to present to a desperate nation. Obama is a great orator, but not a good communicator. Obama deals with generalities, with ideology, and with motivational items; Tim Geithner, not nearly the speaker that Obama is, but refreshingly a better communicator who is quite good at presenting details.

The economic recovery plan that Geithner presented on March 23, 2009, was not only enough to silence many of his critics, it was enough to satisfy the financial community which rewarded him by a 497 point increase in the stock-market.

The public, the politicians, and the media which had reduced expectation in Geithner, reduced to the point that when he showed himself on March 23 as  a self-assured, well prepared, and knowledgeable operative, the Obama Administration got an enormous boost.

Look for more positive, even great things from the real Tim Geither, not from the one who presented TARPII in early February. but rather from the one who excited the nation and the stock market, the one who spoke on March 23, 2009.


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