We now know the “virtual” Barak Hussein Obama; when will the actual Obama appear?

21 Mar

March 21, 2009; two months into the Barak Obama Administration, the question that we posed in late November: Who is the real Barak Obama;  still requires an answer.

In November, 2008, we posted the following write-up:

There is no Barak Obama!

The handsome tallish Mulatto with his captivating smile, a voice made in heaven, and oratory skills second to none, is a figment of the public collective imagination; or perhaps, a gift from the Creator to the world, his crumbling creation!

The person that is Barak Obama, the one that the American public elected, is not the person you see, it is rather: JFK, Superman, the Massiah (a la Louis Farrrakahn, and others,) Winston Churchill, and the Christ Himself, all rolled into one…

In desperate times people resort to desperate measures, electing Barak Obama is such a measure. The Obama election could prove an act of the Creator and “save” the Nation, or turn out to be just another blimp on the radar secreen of history.

The “Change” promised as is demonstrated by early selection of staff, will not come from Obama. If a change occures it will come from the minds, and possibly actions, of the American public.

Let us hope for the best realizing that Obama is not a panacea, but that he is very likely to be a great improvement of President George W. Bush, one of the worse Presidents in the history of the United States.

Good luck Barak Hussein Obama, let the Creator be with you!


We now, two months into the Ibama Administration, must still pose (but rephrase) the question: Where is the real Barak Hussein Obama?

Is there a real singular Barak Obama? If there is, is he the greatest orator of all times, or is he the socialist being portrayed on Fox News? Is President Obama the showman on Jay Leno, or is he the person of Islamic birth who is trying to appease Iran and the Islamic world? Does Barak Obama march to Nancy Polesi’s orders, or does the speaker do President Obama’s bidding?

We don’t know who Barak Obama is, or what makes him tick. We know that Barak Obama is Charismatic, Handsome, athletic, and an outstanding public speaker who gives a very positive face to the United States in the world. We don’t know how deep the positive goes, we do know that performance to date leaves a great deal to be desired.

Let’s give room to those who say that two months is too short a period for judging the performance of an Administration and agree that Barak Hussein Obama and his Administration are still an enigma. As enigmatic as Obama may be, based on his performance to date, one thing we can be sure of: Barak Hussein Obama is not the Messiah, the reincarnation of Martin Luther King, or or JFK, we can be sure, after two months in office, that President Obama is human, that President Obama makes mistakes, but that President Obama works very hard at the job the people elected him to do.  

One Response to “We now know the “virtual” Barak Hussein Obama; when will the actual Obama appear?”

  1. kdabinl10 August 24, 2009 at 1:34 pm #

    Great post..
    Everyone has waited so long for the Messiah figure to rise on the surface, and Obama’s presence (with his handsome smile and confident gestures) provided what we needed.

    As you mentioned, the media makes him to be appeared as a superman, legendary JFK, and the reincarnation of MLK, instead of a human.

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