Secretaries of State: Albright, Rice, Clinton; a blatant disregard, and humiliation of Islam, and its culture. Or, “bring it on,” Islam!

9 Mar

To over one billiion Muslims, having men deal with women face-to-face, is unacceptable. President Clinton selected a woman, and one with Jewish roots to add to the insult, to be the spokesperson of the United States in dealing with all foreign entities, including Muslims.

The appointment of women to the role of Secretary of State, when so many qualified men are available, was a blatant disregard to the culture and sensitivity of MOST Muslims; why did the United States chose that rout?

Humiliation of Arabs by the United States, in movies, literature, and in the press, are major factors behind the fact that [radical] Islam hates the United States. Before President Obama attempts to open dialogue with the likes of the Taliban, a significant effort must be made to demonstrate that the United States though it may not approve the Taliban way of life,  that it respects the Taliban right to it.

Bringing women to meeting with men may be against the Taliban religious beliefs and should be avoided, as should be open statements about how the United States disapprove of the Taliban culture and religion. President Obama must lay sufficient ground work or dealing with the Taliban will become a situation similar to pouring gasoline on a fire.


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