Limbaugh: Laughing at his audience and at the Public!

7 Mar

Rush Limbaugh always seemed to deal with his audience, and with the American public, as if they are inferior to him, and as if they are designated targets for ridicule by him. Limbaugh’s television show, that did not last long, showed to [television] viewers how his live audience appeared to be like cows led to slaughter, like the crowd that watched the Emperor display his new clothing.

There is little doubt that the Limbaugh television show was dropped because seeing his live audience, TV viewers can see Limbaugh’s disregard to the intelligence of his audience, and, of course, of the American Public in general.

Keith Oberman of MSNBC, not necessarily a great visionary, but a man with some reasonable insight, refers to Rush Limbaugh as Comedian Limbaugh, when will the United States public wake up an realize that Rush Limbaugh is not someone to be taken seriously?  Limbaugh, with or without intent, is indeed a comedian, and should be dealt as one by all his viewers!


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