Colter and Limbaugh: Anything for attention! Or, The Emperor’s New Clothing

7 Mar

Two of the most vocal spokespersons for conservatism and the Republican cause are Limbaugh and Colter, the former appears to nearly always be under the influence of drugs, the latter hiding enormous insecurities; would say anything, the more outrageous, the better! They do so just to get attention.

The American public and the media would be best served by ignoring these two maniacs, the Republican should openly, and as Steele tried and failed, formally, disavow them as representatives of Republicanism!

Colter in Limbaugh use the type of  human insecurity that was displayed in the Emperor’s new clothing; the public generally realizes the ridiculous statements made by Limbaugh and Colter, but is generally afraid to be ridiculed as Michael Steele did when he attempted to counter Limbauh.


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