Limbaugh: Drown the baby (America’s public interest) with the bathwater (the Obama/US economy:)

2 Mar

I hope he fails! Rush Limbaugh, the new voice of the Republican party, tells anyone who would listen, when referring to President Obama.

Limbaugh would rather have Barak Obama’s policy fail, and the United States economy fail with it, than to see an economic recovery for the people of the United States under Obama’s policies.

Even though an Obama policy failure may prove that Limbaugh’s beliefs that leftisteconomic policies don’t work, it would cause hardship to millions of Americans, a cost that Rush Limbausg seems to feel is acceptable if it proves his point. 

It is a sad day for America when the a major voice of one of the principal parties is willing to sacrifice the public good in order to prove an idiological view!

More to come…


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