$900M+ Secretary Clinton present to Ahmadinejad!

27 Feb

After a lackluster trip to the Far East, Mrs. Clinton is on her way to the Middle East in order to discuss a United States pledge of some $900M to be used in the rebuilding of Gaza, a contribution that will ultimately end up in Iran to pay for new weapons for Hamas.

Secretart Clinton and representatives of other donors will receive assurances that the money will not be used for weapons acquisitions, but such promises carry no weight, and should be dismissed.  

Mrs. Clinton is a role that does not satisfy her need to be in the limelight is likely to pursue controversial issues such as donating funds to Gaza reconstruction and that, in spite of safeguards, will end up enhancing Hamas which controls Gaza.

The United States must exercises care when donating money for Gaza reconstruction since a large part of the money will end up in the hands of the Ahmadinejad regime, for weapons, engineering and rebuilding of tunnels, and for training terrorists.


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