Overwhelming-force needed: Afghanistan!

18 Feb

Overwhelming-force needed: Afghanistan!

Experiences of others, such as Russia, notwithstanding, Afghanistan unique character requires an overwhelming-force in order to accomplish the goal of neutralizing the Taliban, and establishing a democracy that is not encumbered by religion, or guided by Shariya (Islamic law,) as it now is. In spite of Americans reluctance about having fighting United States troops overseas, especially in harm’s way, a success in Afghanistan would bring about troop levels not a-similar to those reached in Iraq.

President Obama shows a significant naivete when he suggests that diplomacy could work with the Taliban. In spite of the President’s exposure to Islam, and his Islamic birth, President Obama demonstrates ignorance of even the minimal requirements dictated by the Koran. Koranic law would not even allow a Taliban to communicate with the heathen Americans, especially that they are represented by a woman.

For the United States to accomplish minimal goals in Afghanistan the American public must expect troop levels in that country to reach the same, or near the same level that was reached in Iraq.


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