Rove and Morris: Two losers, FOX News “experts”

14 Feb

Biased mediaKarl Rove who due to overconfidence and poor judgement, almost single handed, lost the 2006 for the Republican, and Dick Morris who was fired by the Clintons for general incompetence, and who disgraced himself with prostitutes in Washington DC , are paraded in front of FOX News audiences as experts on politics.

The duo of losers generally say the same thing: Whatever the Democrats propose is going to fail! The twi benefit from the fact that if they are wrong, the country will benefit and the negative prophecies will be removed. If they are right and the Democratic policies fail, Morris and Rove would become instant ENHANCED capacity pundits, or gurus, or whatever great political strategists are referred to.

It is sad that the Republicans spokes persons and pundits of today are naysayers, and with few exceptions, sensationalists, while in earlier days Republicans were positive and proud voices of United States politics.

FOX News, the voice of right wing politics and therefore a de-facto a voice of the Republican party, features, in addition to Rove and Morris, two proven losers, the likes of O’Reilly, Hannity, and Beck, all outlandish prophets of Democratic failure, and from time to time bring in the largest and most outrageous voices of Limbaugh, Colter, and Ingle. Claiming to be fair and balanced, FOX News is not only biased, it is a channel the allows outlandish political views to be presented as if they are factual and misleading their many listeners.


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