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Ahmadinejad (Iran) -2; Olmert/Livni (Israel) -0;

19 Jan

Since 2006 Mahmoud Ahmadinejad through his surrogates, Hezbollad, and Hamas, handed Israel two defeats. The two recent defeats came after nearly sixty years of Israeli wins in any and all conflicts with Islamic entities.

Ahmadinejad’s actions against Israel are not designed strictly as means to destroy the country, they are steps by the Aryan Shiites (that the Iranians (Persians) are,) towards domination of the whole Islamic world.

The last two scrimmagees are like body blows in boxing, Ahmadinejad is softening Israel in preparation for a final blow… Will it ever come?

If Unilateral Israeli cease-fire holds; a second straight win for Ahmadinejad:

17 Jan

Ahmadinejad triggered Israel to act in 2006 against Hezbollah; Israel arrived at a stalemate, an actual loss. On Christmas Eve 2008 Ahmadinejad triggered Israel to act against Hama; if Israel’s “unilateral cease fire” holds, it would amount to another loss by Israel to Ahmadinejad.

Unless the 2009 cease-fire breaks and Israel completely incapacitate Hamas; the score of 2006 into 2009 would be:

Ahmadinejad 2: Israel 0.

One can hope Israel does not capitulate and strengthen Ahmadinejad by keepong an operational Hamas in Gaza.

Inaugurating the first “non Caucasian,” not an Afro-American; why is the issue being confused?

17 Jan


Why not accept someone who should be a proud “Mulatto,”  and insist on referring to  Obama as an African-American?

Obama is a Mulatto, a “non Caucasian,” if you will; why not an African-American; why not call a Spade a Spade?

17 Jan

What will the first full blooded African-American called? Obama is the “non Caucasian” US President,  not African-American.

Obama covering his A– too soon: bin Laden MUST be eliminaed!

16 Jan

Barak Obama is acting too much like a politician than as an an agent for change!

Saying this early in the game that some of his major promises can be reduced and still meet the intent is too early, and is wrong.

Bin Laden is a case in point! Bin Laden is not neutralized, and bin Laden must be eliminated or his existence will continue to fuel the fires of America.

Hamas “Christmas-attack;” Islam’s disrespect for others?

16 Jan

A few years ago, Islamic Arab Nations attacked Israel on the Jewish High Holiday of Yom Kippur; does the 2008 Christmas suspending cease-fire with Israel is another signal that Holidays of others are but targets for humiliation and disrespect for Muslims?

It is clear that Islam does not respect the two other monotheist religions, but that it tather set to replace them through world dominance. The symbolic act by Hamas on Christmas day of shooting numerous rockets into Israel may well be an Iran ordered demonstration to the West that to Muslims, beliefs of others. are wrong and should be replaced.

The present “Christmas-Conflict,” should be carried out to a level that Hamas’ voice, except perhaps as a democratic part within the Palestinian Authority,  as well as that of its sponsor, Iran, be silenced forever.

Even though Israel can terminate the action and reach its goal at will, it is important that ending the conflict is put off until after the US inauguration so that the new Administration should be a part, or at least endorse, whatever final agreement is reached.

Obama’s “Character,” is there something lacking? The case of Wright.

15 Jan

In one episode of West Wing, Martin Sheen, the President, states that the Presidency is all about character;  he was right. Standing behind one’s word, not sacrificing loyalties for sake of expediency, and generally being honest, are traits a good President must posses.

The United States offers all people an environment in which they can exercise free speech. Why can’t a Minister, or anyone else, for that matter, say: God Damn America? 

Since President  Obama admits that the Reverend Wright introduced him to Christianity, Baptized his daughters, and generally helped “form” his Christian self, the Reverend should play a major part in Obama’s life, political implications notwithstanding!

Not inviting Wright to participate in the inauguration was display a weakness of character suggesting that political expedience is more important to Obama than is the right thing to do!