Al-Arabia interview: No apologies for the past (from:; emphasize the future!

31 Jan

Selecting Al-Arabia for his first television interview, may have hurt some, and offended others, but President Obama has nothing to apologize for, except for apologizing on the interview for America’s past deeds.

Generally speaking America’s past was nothing to apologize for, America was generally fair to the Islamic world, President Obama should have built on that, and promised to do more of the same in the future, and perhaps improve on the past, but no apologies; the United States might have made mistakes, but it did not mistreat the Islamic world.

It is good that President Obama is now speaking of his Muslim past, his relatives, his birth, etc., and it would serve the world well to have President Obama continue to cater to the global community with humility, but with no apologies. There may have been misdeeds in America’s past, but as a nation it has nothing to apologize for, emphasize the positive, Mr. President, and the world will be better for it!

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