Stimulus must be based on “buy American” formula!

24 Jan

Unless the Obama trillion dollar stimulus packages include provisions to rebuild a United States PRODUCT based economy, it will fail.


The new plan could not work unless it is based around the utilization of US products, such as steel, cement, in the road and bridges rejuvenation phase; US developed software, and computers using American made products for IT work, and so on.


The stimulus plan, at the risk of upsetting some of the US trading partners, must be designed around a “buy America” clause to ensure that its impact is not just a band aide for cancer.

One Response to “Stimulus must be based on “buy American” formula!”

  1. freeouramerica January 27, 2009 at 5:34 pm #

    I could not agree more with this, I stringently believe that without making the stimulus plan coincide with the new buy american provison, it will be just as much a failure as Bush’s economic stimulus checks, which went straight back into peoples bills, and never saw the light of day in the economy.

    There are tons more information about this and other Buy American topics and discussions at my favorite blog site, give it a look.

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