Obama’s “Character,” is there something lacking? The case of Wright.

15 Jan

In one episode of West Wing, Martin Sheen, the President, states that the Presidency is all about character;  he was right. Standing behind one’s word, not sacrificing loyalties for sake of expediency, and generally being honest, are traits a good President must posses.

The United States offers all people an environment in which they can exercise free speech. Why can’t a Minister, or anyone else, for that matter, say: God Damn America? 

Since President  Obama admits that the Reverend Wright introduced him to Christianity, Baptized his daughters, and generally helped “form” his Christian self, the Reverend should play a major part in Obama’s life, political implications notwithstanding!

Not inviting Wright to participate in the inauguration was display a weakness of character suggesting that political expedience is more important to Obama than is the right thing to do!

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