Obama is a “Non-Caucasian,” rather than an “African-American”:

6 Jan

The hype about Barak Obama being the historic first African-American President of the United States, is mislabeled, and inappropriately characterized this unique event.

Barak Obama is a fine specimen of an African-American, but in reality he is as much a Caucasian  as he is African-American. Allowing Obama to be inaugurated as the FIRST African- American to become President of the United States would create a dilemma when the first FULL-blooded African-American is elected President of the United States sometime in the furure? What would the first full blooded African-American US President be considered if not the FIRST African-American President; and not two people can fill the same spot made for one!

Barak Obams is a Mulatto regardless of that he should make a fine President without his background diminishing his effectiveness.


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