Limbaugh, Shakespeare, Providece & Obama:

6 Jan

Not often is it that I listen to Rush Limbaugh, when I do. However, I find him amusing, not necessarily factual, but amusing. When I last heard Limbaugh he was having fun at the expense of his audience (as he always does,) and of Al Gore and his global warming issue. But more importantly, Rush was talking about the comedy of errors since President-elect Obama won the Presidential election.

Watching events in Washington from the outside looking in, it is quite similar to a Shakespeare’s tragic-comedy, with no less imagination. For President-elect Obama’s sake, let us all hope that issue similar to the following list is now behind us all:

The governor of Obama’s state of Illinois is under investigating for numerous crimes against the state. The tainted Governor appointment of a respected African-American Illinois politician, Roland Burris, to fill President-elect Obama’s Senate seat. This is an issue Democrats, and Barak Obama, are not pleased to face.

Government Bill Richardson who obtained a prize cabinet appointment from Barak Obama had to withdraw his candidacy due to a Government investigation in New Mexico. Investigation not withstanding, it was in place when the Richardson appointment was made, how did it slip by the Obama team?

The appointment of Leon Penatta as head of the CIA without consulting, or at least advising the incoming chairperson of the Intelligence Committee.

Now, the more serious set of issues that bring to question the judgment of Congress and Government:

$700 billion financial institution bail out

$ 17   billion aid to the faltering automotive industry

An Obama proposal for nearly one trillion in an infusion to the economy; a infusion that will include a very ill advised $300 billion in tax cuts.

Here is hoping that all these “little” issues end before President-elect Obama is inaugurated giving the new President time, and space to do his job


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