Israel to hand Gaza to reluctant Egypt to govern!

6 Jan

By dangoor

Since Hamas is an unwilling and incapable participate in any civil intercourse  with Israel, and because Abbas does not seem able to deal with Hamas, or with the population of Gaza, someone else would have to fill the governance void that would be created when Israel is willing to “release” Gaza.

There is little doubt that Iran would be more than happy to take over control of a territory within reach of Israel that ir would like to destroy. Iran would do whatever it can, without being to blatantly obvious to assume actual governance control within the Arab (Semite) world. 

Even though the Arabs, including the Arab League, to date have tacitly accepted Iran as an partner in OPEC, and an Islamic state; the Arabs and Iranians are not only not kin to one another, they are natural adversaries. The Aryans that the Iranians are, coupled with the fact that they are Shiites, a small minority within Islam, is, and forever likely remain a barrier between them and Arab-Semites. Additionally, of course, is the fact that the Iranians apeak Farsi, not any Arab dialect.

The Arabs, as impressed as they are by the Iranian Muslims defiantly standing up to the United States, as they did when Sadam Hussein was in power, are embrassing the [military] pride as they did when Sadam Hussein was in power, but they are doing so with suspision and fear.

Realizing that giving too much of a stronghold to Iran within the Arab world, the Arab countries will very likely chose another solution. The fact that with its common border with Egypt, Gaza, a kin Semite entity, suggests that annexing Gaza to Egypt makes sense. Short of annexing Gaza, a short term control of Gaza when Israel is ready to leave, may be an interim Egyptian government for Gaza.

Shortly there will not be a Hamas controlled Gaza.  Israel, with the help of the international community, including Arab nations, will move towards reducing the influence, if not entirely eliminating those Iranian surrogates such as Hamas who are determined to distablize the civilized world.

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