Gaza: Aryan Shiites (Persians) attempt to Control Arab world

31 Dec

Even though the Iranians are a minority Islam fraction, and they are Aryans, not Arabs, the Iranian are attempting to take de Facto control of the Muslim world. Ahmadinejad and his cronies realize that in order to control the Arabs, who like the Jews are Semites, and like the Jews are preferred by Allah anf Jehova over the Aryans, they must move quickly. Time is not on ther dide of Iran. In spite, or perhaos because of its threat to acquire nuclear weapons, Arab nations, wo are mostly Sunnis, will soon wake up and realize that Israel. the Jews, and their common God, will prevail over the Persians and their Ayatollahs.

The purpose the Iranian instigation of the December 2008 Gaza conflict was demonstrated by two missiles reached Be’er Sheva, Asdodwas also reached. Is this conflict that is getting world wide attention, a demonstration by Ahamadinejad and his cronies that Hammas is getting better equipped and its rockets may soon reach Tel-Aviv?

Not unlike the second Lebanese war in 2006, the Islamic terrorists directed and funded by the NON-Arab Persian Aryan Shiites, understand that Israel has a number of “triggers.” that will make it react; notably capturing its soldiers, or sending hundreds of rockets into civilian centers. Triggering Israel, the Iranian and their terrorist clients, know that Israel retaliation would get world condemnation, and gain the Palestinian cause a number of sympathizers.

The 200 rockets into Israel in December 2008 was a calculated action to generate Israel retaliation. Among other things, the terrorists, under Iranian direction, took the opportunity to send longer range missiles as a demonstration of what to come.

Timing of the 200 missiles was also designed to put the new American Administration that Iran and its [perhaps unwitting] clients, are going to challenge the United States, through intimidation of Israel, its closest ally.

Hammas under its Iranian mentors are betting that in spite of Israeli stating that the Gaza action will be an all out war, Israel is not likely to use the overwhelming force that would be required to eliminate, or at least eliminate  Hammas. Short of eliminating the Hammas threat, Israel would appear as if at had lost tw0 wars to the Arabs, the 2006 Lebanese, and the 2008 Gaza conflict; this is not a desirable position for the United States and its allies to be In.

3 Responses to “Gaza: Aryan Shiites (Persians) attempt to Control Arab world”

  1. kharizal afriandi January 8, 2009 at 5:29 am #

    Message of peace

    To discontinue war in Gaza let us all entire to conduct movement of peace by on 10 January 2009 on 01.00 GMT to come and remain to camp during 3 day in location which can be reached

    To which remain close to frontier of Israel or owning ability to come to that place to be gathering and camp in gateway frontier of nearest Israel.

    To which remain close to embassy of USA or owning ability to come there gather and camp in gateway embassy of USA

    We are Expected gathering of millions of this people can stops war in Gaza

    please help to submit this message to others.

    Pesan perdamaian
    Untuk menghentikan perang di Gaza marilah kita semua seluruh melakukan gerakan perdamaian oleh pada 10 Januari 2009 pada 01.00 GMT dan tetap akan datang ke perkemahan selama 3 hari di lokasi yang dapat mencapai
    Untuk yang tinggal dekat perbatasan Israel atau memiliki kemampuan untuk datang ke tempat yang akan berkumpul dan berkemah di gerbang terdekat dari perbatasan Israel.
    Untuk yang tinggal dekat dengan kedutaan dari israel atau memiliki kemampuan untuk datang dan berkumpul di pintu gerbang perkemahan di kedutaan dari israel
    Untuk yang tinggal dekat dengan kedutaan Amerika Serikat yang memiliki kemampuan atau datang ke sana berkumpul dan berkemah di pintu gerbang dari kedutaan Amerika Serikat
    Kami sedang mengumpulkan Diharapkan dari jutaan orang ini bisa menghentikan perang di Gaza
    mohon bantuan untuk mengirimkan pesan ini kepada orang lain.

  2. Aryan January 22, 2009 at 10:30 pm #

    If you knew anything about Iran you would know that the government of Iran are not Aryans. They are all Azaris; there is not one single Persian. Khameni, Ahmadinejad, Rafsanjani are all Azaris and not Persian!

    Believe you me, Persians could care less about Arabs and the Arab world. We want nothing to do with Arabs and I’m sure Arabs want nothing to do with us.

    • dangoor January 22, 2009 at 10:41 pm #

      Up to a point you are rfight. did sdpend a great deal of time in Iran, and Iranians in general seem to get upsety if anyone confuse them with being Arabs. On the other hand, Ahmadinejad is attempting to get his Aryan nation (present leadership notwithstanding)to lead the Islamic-Semetic world bu using surrogates. So far there are not many signs that either the Persian peopled, on one hand, and the Arabs on the other intend to resist Ahmadinejad, who, in my opinion, from looks and behavior is of Jewish (Semite) ancest0ry. Thanks for your comments

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