Democrats: Divine intervention or venue?

1 Sep

Was the fact that the Democrats not get a Convention bump due to poor choices, or divine intervention?


Placing the Convention in an 80,000 capacity football stadium, a venue suited for an entertainer, or some charismatic Evangelist, but not for the serious business of the nation, and then adding a level of gaudy glitz might have shown the American public that the Democrats may not be the party of the common man as it once was.


Going into the Convention while trying to shed off the “celebrity” label, Obama and his people should have shown more prudent choice of venue, and amore modest setting. While the United States is in the midst of serious problems, flaunting it in a political Convention was likely a poor display of judgment.


As if the Creator decided to play a hand in the American democratic process, Hurricane Gustav arrived. Even though the Republicans showed better judgment by planning a much less glitzy event than the Democrats, Hurricane Gustav ensured that their Convention would be a modest event. In parallel of that, Senator McCain selected a true person of the people as his Vice Presidential candidate.


Like Joe Biden, who is also of a modest background, Sara Palin, in spite of being the Governor of a State, still lacks the celebrity of Joe Biden, a visible and popular United State Senator. All of a sudden, it is starting to appear that the Republicans are much more in touch with the common-person than are the Democrats.  

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