Obama’s: Why “borrow” words?

29 Aug


Obama acceptance speech at the Democrat Contention was about what anyone could expect, an oratorical masterpiece! The problem with Obama’s speech is that is was mostly a rehash of the very thin content found in many of his previous speeches.

Obama’s great ability as an orator is wearing down since in spite of his motto of “Change we Believe in,” his speeches seem to be expanded rehashes of what he has been saying, mostly slogans and generalities.  From time-to-time, Obama does move to superficially deal with issues. Some of the reasons for Obama’s reluctance to deal with issues appears to be largely due to the fact that whenever he does, his lack of depth shows through When that happens, and without mercy, he is exposed by those in the know. There were not the positive revelations that I expected, and were hoping for, in Obama’ acceptance speech.

To my chagrin, however, there was one visible negative surprise; In the acceptance speech Obama used some lines, slightly paraphrased (to deal with the differnt names,) that were borrowed from the popular movie: The American President. I wonder (and hope,) that perhaps Obama use of these words was due to employing some of the movie writers to help write his speech, otherwise, it could simply be viewed a plagiarism! 

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