Vacationing while Georgia is Burning?

20 Aug

Obama is not yet Commander in Chief, but when events that are changing global distribution of power and influence are taking place, he should show interest and involvement in real time, perhaps from Washington DC where as a Senator he can be current on events, not from Hawii where he is vacationing.

Vacation with families is not a bad thing, but for someone who has the ambition to take over until recently (one may argue that Mr. Putin may be assuming that role,) the most powerful job in the world to remain on vacation when global balance of power and influence may be changing, is at best a demonstration of poor judgement. Just like President Bush (who unlike Obama did have the responsibility for action,) image and credibility suffered when he failed to react to Katrina in a timely manner, Obama remaining in Hawii while “Georgia was burning,” will add another chink in his armor; ir will show another flaw in his foreign policy credibility.

As President Bush learned during Katrina, the Commander in Chief (C.i.C.) does not have a time for vacation, his job is 24/7/365; there may be enough time for Obama who may be C.i.C.-in-learning to learn that the President is indeed a FULL time job, no real vacation!

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