Islamic-Pride: The US Election

19 Aug

Ethnic and religious pride are powerful motivations!

If Barak Obama becomes President fo the united States, every Muslim in the world will declare kinship to the man, and claim him as a brother. Even as the Democrat candidate with tens of millions of votes for Senator Obama, he is, as he should be a hero to Muslims. In spite of denials, Obama’s Muslim-birth does indeed qualify him as kin to Muslims.

Getting to become the Democrat nominee for President of the United States, by itself, is a reason to cheer. This is especially true since the percentage of black-American voters is minuscule. Have a man of color become President, or candidate on of the two legitimate parties in the United States, is an achievement of enormous proportions.

There are those who are not pleased because in the case Of Barak Obama black-Americans prefer him to any other candidate in majority beyond rational choice based on qualification; but, how many Catholics voted for John Kennedy, and how much of the Jewish vote went to Kerry because of Lieberman because of their religions?

Ethnic and religious preferences, if they are used for the positive, are effective instruments in democratic elections. Voting against someone because of religion (unless it is some dangerous cult,) race, or ethnicity is wrong. Tipping the scale on behalf of someone with common background is nothing to be ashamed of, nothing to criticize.

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