To Black-America: Is Obama “The One?”

14 Aug

Even those few dye-in-the-wool African-American Republicans are finding Barak Obama tacitly be their choice. Not many of those black-American Republicans are voicing displeasure with Obama whose policies are clearly incompatuble with their thinking. To the contrary, important black-Republican voices will support Obama, be it because of his color, or for whatever other reason they may have. Most notable of those who may switch is General Colin Powell. 

Colin Powell, one of the most respected man in America, and supposedly for many years a friend of John McCain, may endorse Barak Obama; or so they were saying yesterday (8/13/2008) on CNN.

Most media outlets and many, many Americans, are trying to suggest that the 2008 United States Presidential election has nothing to do with race, are they right? Or, are we like ostriches hiding our heads in the sand, or like the Emperor’s subjects that would not admit that he was nude? Is disregarding what is happening regarding race in this election the epitome of hypocrisy?

After Barak Obama won the Iowa caucuses, and received the endorsement and blessing of Oprah Winfrey, it became tacitly “unacceptable” for black-Americans not to vote for Barak Obama. Why is it not a race issue when the poles suggest that well over 90% of black voter are expected to vote for Senator Obama?

Black-Americans, and most other “liberals,” would cry fowl, and complain of racism, if the poles showed that even if as few as 60% of whites will not vote for Obama; why doesn’t the 90% black for Obama does not constitute racism?

The Colin Powell vote is another issue. As respected as General Powell is, he may well decide not to vote for McCain due to his age, or perhaps for some other significant political disagreement; but appearances are bad, an endorsement, or even a vote for Obama will only serve to widen the racial chasm that already exist.

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