Democrats: Form with little substance

25 Jul

Mile High Stadium; what are they thinking of? 200,000 audience in Germany; What are they thinking of?

Is Barak Husssein Obama a a show piece, a cult leader, or is he a serious minded politician? Recent events, and planned events, point to the packaging of Senator Obama for mass audience appeal as one does with rock-stars, and other entertainers.

The Democrat party appears to be selling an entertainer to the American public, while it should be promoting a serious politician. Recent events and plans point to an alarming trend, a move of selling a politician as an entertainer with cult following, rather than a serious person to deal with the Nation’s problem.

Obama’s gatherings are remittance of Hitler, or Mousoliny rallies, the frenzy of crowds remines one of the Jim Jones phenomena; Democrats are well advised to tune down the glitz and bring Senator Obama back to earth, back to dealing with the real problems of the nation.

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