Caucuses, Obama, and cultism

19 Jul

My wife and I had the displeasure of attending the Democrat caucuses in Colorado, what a sham!

In our case what we found was somewhat scary. Those who were for Hilary Clinton were generally subdued, detached, and civil; those for Obama were rude pushy and made you feel that you are their enemy if you did not support Obama

What we saw at the caucuses is not much different than what you see in Obama’s rallies, high enegy, almost at the level of cult following.

Obama seems to promise an immediate change and a quick fix to America’s problems, he makes his audience feel good, but he does not reveal the magic way that he intends to use to fix America’s ills.

I don’t believe that the founding fathers intended to have a United States President who can single handedly fix the country’s problems. The founding fathers intended to have a President with limited powers managed by a House of Representatives. Barak Obama, the great orator that he is, makes it appear that by himself he will put the country on the right track, even though he does not seem to know what that tarck is!

Checks and balances are needed, the United States does not need, or want, a leader who is all things to all people; the United States needs someone with depth, humility, and the ability to work not only with, but mostly for the people!

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