Calling a spade a spade: More people killed in the name of religion than for any other reason. The Holocaust, and Islamic Jihad, two leading offenders!

7 Oct

This blog is intended to dispel notions that religions are peaceful, and that in order to be “politically correct,” one must not offend believers.

Attention will be given to United States politics versus that of others, and a discussion of how the present Administration is dealing with friends, and with foes, will take place. With a critical eye, discussion of the Administration “political correctness,” and its blind-eye to violent Islam (and that of other religions,) will be pursued.

An examination of the need to maintain the quality of life of as much of the American public as possible (even at the expense of some minorities,) in face of terrorist threats to the United States, will take place. The premise that “the good of the many supersedes that of the few,” will be examined in face of the fact that Muslims should be “profiled” based on the role members of their Islamic faith play in most of today’s terrorist acts around the word.

The view of this blog is that “profiling” can be done with care, and without causing undue indignities to those being “profiled.” Those “profiled” can be made to understand that the act is not against them individually, but that it is rather because they happen to be members of a group that endanger others. Israel is a case in point. Israeli security screeners seem to go to great length not to offend those Muslims that they “profile;” there is no reason why American “profilers” cannot do the same.

Finally, American foreign policy will be reviewed, especially as it relates to the Middle East, to United States and the Islamic World, and to its relations with “friends and foes,” alike. Special attention will be given to the United States failure to reduce threats from the likes of North Korea, and Iran…
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UPDATE, December 14, 2012

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UPDATE, March 19, 2010

Jerusalem, Israel’s Capital in Perpetuity
Obama Orator extraordinaire, poor communicator

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Calling a spade a spade: More people killed in the name of religion…
About Dangoor (Dan Goor)
All of Jerusalem is Israel’s via Divine…
“Divine” obstacles may well dismantle 2-state…
Israel has no occupied land…
Neither pure socialism, nor pure capitalism…
The Koran is Islam’s declaration of war…

Returning to the purpose and reason for this blog:

Particular attention will be given to the fact that the major source of today international terror is done in the name of Islam, and the largest single event that destroyed [innocent] people, and did so because of their religious beliefs, or ethnicity, was the Holocaust. The fact that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad vows to “wipe Israel off the map,” an act that he may well be able to carry out after enough nuclear devices are produced by his regime, will be carefully monitored, especially in light of that fact that such an event would be approaching the magnitude of the Holocaust, if it occurs.

Close scrutiny will be given the Middle East, including, but not limited to the fact that the State of Israel is the major obstacle to Islamic encroachment on the Western world. Will Israel with its formidable nuclear arsenal, “take-out” Ahamadinejad’s nuclear capability, which could be deployed against Europe, as well as Israel? The apparent deterioration in United States relations with Israel will also be reviewed, especially with an eye on President Obama’s apparent Islamic sympathies, which do not seem to be always reciprocal.

In the Twenty-first Century armed conflict seems to be concentrated among Muslims. War between brethren (i.e. Yeman and Saudi; Somalia; the Sudan, etc.), or conflict in the name of Islam, a Jihad, if you will, the means for forcing Islam on the world. Another item of interest has to do with the fact that the Muslims are divided, Shiites, Sunnis, and others, they are continuously at each other’s throat. Islam is using Israel, or what they call Zionism, as a uniting element, a “temporary glue” that hold them together for their present common cause, if they did not have Zionism to exploit, and their own one can expect a set of catastrophic conflicts (i.e. the recent Iran/Iraq war, etc.).

Not being Islamophobic, I have read the Koran and realize that those who believe, those who accept its words, must rid the word od infidels, not a peaceful suitable for civilized societies. That notwithstanding, it is clear that modern Muslims can, and do, accept the Koran in a manner compatible with Twenty-first Century society; and, like religious Jews who do not put to death those who do keep the Sabbath, or stone adulterers, adhere to the religion yet let others (infidels) believe as they wish.

Strict adherence to the Koran requires all Muslims to destroy infidels, but in reality, most Muslims accept a compromise, just like Christians, and Jews do, and adjust to be compatible with the world in which they live.

The suggestion by Secretary Kerry, and President Obama that Jews caused DAESH (ISIS) does not necessarily prove that they are anti-Semits:

17 Oct

Even though it appears that President Obama are anti-Semites because they suggest that Jews may be behind the creation of DAESH (ISIS); it may not be the case.

I don’t often give Kerry credit for anything positive, in this case he is partially right. The two major segment of Islam, Sunni and Shiite, hate each other beyond the understanding of most outsiders. The Sunni do not even except Shiites as MUSLIMS.
Since the Koran considers the Jew to be of “pigs and monkeys,” it is easy to consider the Jews as the enemy of all Islamic fractions, and therefore follow the adage: “Your enemy’s enemy is my friend.”
Since the early 1900s when Jews started to re-enter the region in large numbers under the Zionist movement, ZIONISM become a rallying cry for regional Arabs, keeping them from fighting each other. They put aside their irreconcilable differences, and actual hate, to fight ZIONISM.
Finally, after many tries to oust Israel, regional Muslims concluded that they may not be able to defeat Israel by force, they re-kindled their internal hatred, the result: DAESH (ISIS)…
So, Kerry, and Obama, likely not even realizing why, what they are concluding about the creation of DAESH, has merit, they are correct in part because:
ISRAEL’S, the “ZIONIST & JEWISH state,” by its mere existence, its military prowess, and resolve, became the source for re-igniting the Islamic internal feud and made the Sunnis establish a Caliphate under the banner of ISIS (DAESH.)
Fueling that movement was also IRAN’S desire for its own Shiite Caliphate, and with the help of Russia it supported Assad, developed Hezbollah, HAMAS, and an number of Jihads.

IN CONCLUSION: No through in depth analyses, President Obama, and Secretary Kerry stumbled on a truth: The JEWISH STATE OF ISRAEL, and ZIONISM, are, at least in part the cause of DAESH (ISIS:) Will miracles never cease?

“As long as the head of a snake is healthy, it will continue to do its harm.” As long as the US Government remain, the country will suffer!

17 Oct

ISIS (DASESH) is a symptom, not the disease, unless the root is eliminated, the head chopped off, the entity will remain a danger to the non-Islamic world for many, many years to come. President Obama spoke of a thirty year effort, realistically, the head of that snake can be chopped with an overwhelming commitment of [US] boots on the ground, in few short months. Surround the animal, and chop its head!
President Obama is not responsible for the existence of DAESH, but it is on his watch. President Obama did not create the Ebola crises, but its on his watch…The list goes on, including, but not limited to: Fast and Furious, the IRS issues, NSA snooping, Hamas attack on Israel, Assad’s slaughtering his people, and the general shoddy manner the United States is presently governed.
Appointing (late, I might add) a czar for Ebola, affecting [limited] air strikes on DAESH, and other measures for stopping the bleeding, but that leave the head of the snake intact, cannot, and will not stop America’s serious woes.
The 2014 Congressional election may bring in a new Senate, not one controlled by the “head;” perhaps that will bring about some relief. But the inept and irresponsible manner in which the United States conducts both its internal, and international business, may not stop until a new head is put on the failing snake who is now in charge.
Needless to say, the 2014 Congressional election is crucial, let us hope that with it the losing track that the United States is on can be altered, changed enough that the non-stop bleeding ceases to be.

Can US crossing into sovereign Syrian territory cause reaction by Syria and bakers i.e. Iran and Russia?

1 Oct

Is the United States blatant violation of international law in Syria enough to engage Russia, while continuing to allow ISIS to flourish?

Not withstanding the fact ISIS is a horrible organization, can the United States take action against it if it includes crossing into Syria, a sovereign state, without permission from said sovereign itself?
The actual situation is actually much more serious since Assad’s Syria is a client of Iran, which in turn falls under Putin’s Russia sphere of influence. Not only is Assad equipped with both Russian and Iranian weaponry, Syria has some of the most sophisticated surface to air air defense systems, systems that are generally manner by Russian technicians…
What if Assad forbids the US from using his airspace and therefore forces the Russian technicians to shoot down US planes?
This is a much more serious situation than just words since the United States, should it indeed decide to eliminate ISIS, will have to fly score of flights more than it is now doing, and, as every military expert say, will have to aid [US] boots on the ground.
President Obama declared that he intends to eliminate ISIS, could his actions draw Russia into the mix?
Another point, the US, as is Assad, are enemies of ISIS, al Qaeda, etc., but the United States is also an enemy of Assad, who is also backed by another US foe, Iran; what is the US to do?
Because the US relations in the area are quite marginal, it seems that the United States can only win, and do as President Obama committed to do, by putting an overwhelming number of American boots into the conflict; how would Russia/Iran, react? And, how would the American public deal for its peace President getting heavily committed to war?

President Obama’s psyche prohibit the man from conflicting with Islam!

22 Sep

President Obama spent most of his formative years in Islamic environment, and those surroundings seemed to have affected him, his whole being…Starting with his infamous June 4, 2009 Cairo speech during which time he apologized to Islam for the way it was treated by western nations it in the past, and then declared: “E. Pluribus Unun,” or one of the many one, or, you Muslim are a singular entity with us…
Even though technically Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim since his father was a Muslim, and Islam has no provisions for leaving the religion, I shall ignore the issue and accept President Obama at his word that he is a Christian. There are those who will argue with me that the President is a Wright Christian which many Americans view with disdain, I won’t follow that path, after all, a Christian is a Christian…
My point in this short write-up is to bring to light an interesting, but scary phenomena, that is often exhibited by President Obama. Since assuming office, President Obama never had a bad word to say about Islam, as a matter of fact, when anyone criticizes anything Muslim, President Obama generally comes to Islam’s defense.
Let me close by pointing out that President Obama, before taking any action against ISIS/L, had to make several declarations that ISIS/L is not an Islamic entity; it seems that the President of the United States was incapable of taking action against Muslims, and that before he was able to act he felt it necessary to declare the Muslims he was about to formally attack are not Muslims.
Why can’t President Obama conflict with Muslims? The Iranians are making fool of the man while ISIS/L is out of control; is it that President Obama is so deeply affected by his formative years, or is it something about Islam that intimidates the President from his adult life? Whatever the situation, if the United States is indeed in a war with Islamic entities, will President Obama be able to hold his end of the conflict and effectively defend US interests?

While Obama is President, will Islam be able to develop successful Caliphate(s)?

4 Sep

Will Islam dominate the world as Allah edicts?

Since the Koran demands from it followers that they should make all people accept Allah, and that must do so at any cost, any action towards such eventuality would be determined by the Islamic-World.
It is important to realize that the Islamic world is not homogeneous, the one and a half billion Muslims are divided into two main sects, with numerous sub groups that will not be dealt with in this paper. The two major sects are: The Sunnis, with about 80% of Islam, and Shiite that are made up of the other 20%.
Starting with the Shiite, which includes Iran, the largest and most powerful nation, but one that is uniquely is not Arab. When the United States left Iraq before that Shiite nation was able to stabilize itself, and shore up the military’s middle section, the general staff, and the non-commissioned ranks were nearly set. The vacuum that the United States left before completely build that nation, and shore up the military gave openings to Iraq to exert its influence, and for Sunni groups based on al Qaeda, and other Saudi financed elements, to start carving Iraq and join some of it with Syria as a foundation for a new Sunni Caliphate.
The Shiite led by Iran, and falling under Russia’s sphere of influence, are engaged in the following activities: Support of Assad in Syria, direct its surrogates, Hamas and Hezbollah. Iran is also controlling a number of other Jihad groups in the region. With Iran’s nuclear ambitions, and with Russia technical support, its represents a serious threat to Sunni states in the region. The threat it so severe that the Saudis apparently gave Israel tacit approval to use its airspace on route to so away with Iran’s nuclear works.
While the Sunnis are establishing a Caliphate in Syria, Iran’s Shiite Caliphate will likely be in Tehran with the Ayatollah Ali Khamennei its leader.
Moving on to the Sunni elements which are large, powerful, but largely divided.
Let me start with the second largest Middle Eastern Sunni nation, Turkey, a sleeping giant! As one of the main players Turkey, after some years of leaning towards secular Islam, is currently under President Recept Tyyip Erdogan started to push the country towards becoming more orthodox Islamic country with an influence on the Islamic- World. Among other thing, Erdogan voiced the view that “there are no moderate Muslims.”
Another interesting movement from Turkey is a view about the world, particularly about Christianity. Turkey’ Minister of Environment and Urbanism, Erdogan Bayraktar, declared to the world that Muslims do not consider Christianity as a religion; he describes it as a culture.
“There are 2.5 billion Christians in the world,” Bayraktar said. “Christianity is no longer a religion. It’s a culture now. But that is not what a religion is like. A religion teaches; it is a form of life that gives one peace and happiness. That is what they want to turn [Islam] into as well.” In other words, he is telling his audience to be on guard against those who try to water down, or should we say moderate, the teachings of Islam. Those teachings, including, presumably, the teachings of jihad warfare against unbelievers and their subjugation under the rule of Islamic law.
Coming from an official of the ostensibly secular regime in Turkey, this is a noteworthy statement: he is essentially saying that Turkish secularism, which restricts key aspects of Islam, must be opposed.
The Turkish view is quite moderate compared to the major Sunni movement of the Middle East, the Islamic State [of] Iraq [&] Syria/Levant (ISIS/L). The Turkish would like to lead a Sunni movement that can grow with little conflict. Contrary to the Turkish view, ISIS/L seems to desire to acquire world leadership by force, or in any way necessary.
For the United States with allies to be able to withstand the various Islamic movement would require either an overwhelming for, including boots on the ground, or an extremely effective campaign of pitting Shiite against Sunni. Since the hatred one holds for the other, people skilled with negotiation, who understand the region, and Islam…

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Putin versus Obama: Is it a twenty-first century David and Goliath mismatch?

15 May

Barack Hussein Obama, an athletically built man of 6’1”, presides over a robust nation, the most powerful country on earth, is being challenged by Vladimir Putin, a man who is from six to eight inches shorter than is President Obama, also athletically built, but the country he presides over is economically far behind many other countries in the world. This is clearly a case of Obama, the Goliath, versus Putin the David on the global stage.
There are many issues the two men are at odds about, not the least of which is what appears to be Vladimir’s Putin’s desire to expand Russia’s sphere of influence around the world. In addition for expanding in Eastern Asia, Putin’s Russia is actively pursuing virtual control over the Shiite Middle East, a move that President Obama does not seem to understand, a move that causes President Obama severe discomfort because he seems to be intimidated by anything Muslim.
Problems between Obama and Putin are significant, due to their personas, however, President Putin, the smaller, the “David” of the two, has an edge. In spite of Barack Obama’s experience in the rough streets of Chicago, he, President Obama, believes in playing by the Queensbury Rules while Putin continues to remain true his KGB training and under the motto of “the end justifies the means!”
Barack Obama is a capitulater as he displayed on numerous occasions since he became President. Two glaring examples are the fact that his flagship legislation, the Obamacare health law, was signed into law without its backbone, the public option, an enormous capitulation; and the fact that President Obama allowed the Bush tax cut for the rich to remain, even enlarges its scope, in spite of it being totally contrary to President Obama’s beliefs, and to his agenda. On the other side of the conflict, President Putin, from afar, does not seem to ever capitulate.
In direct confrontation between Obama and Putin, the most glaring example, setting the table, if you will. After President Obama gave an ultimatum to Bashar Assad of Syria regarding his (Assad’s) chemical weapons, President Putin stepped in to protect his client Assad, had President Obama capitulate on his red-line, and took over negotiations with Syria.
Followed were the now historical event in Crimea where President Putin demonstrated his “diplomatic” skills, no shots in anger, and Russia’s territory increase. The United States and its allies imposed sanctions on Russia’s leaders as punishment, how naïve, did they not realize that Russia’s leader, and, of course, Putin, would make provisions for such eventuality.
The United States also made noise as if it would consider supplying Europe with the gas and oil that it is getting from Russia, little did it realize that China is standing by to acquire any surplus petroleum products that Russia may have; just as it now buying Russian corn to replace US corn.
Since space is short me move on. Responding to US sanctions and other warnings, President mentioned one of his Aces that he kept in the hole: Participation in the International space station that he controls. Just think of the defense, communication, and exploration implication such a move has; a possible trump…
It appears that Putin, the David seems to have a sling-shot with a deadly missile that can penetrate any shield that the giant Obama may deploy; let us hope for the best.

Yesterday, April 12, 2014: Assada crossed Obama’s red-line; no US response!

13 Apr

Assad crossed President Obama’s “red-line,” and no word from Washington.
Yesterday stern warning from the White House to Vladimir Putin, should he be concerned?
Putin “relieved” Obama from the duty of disarming Assad off his chemicals, should President Obama call and challenge his Russian for yesterday usage of chemicals by Assad?
George W. Bush was disliked, but feared and respected internationally; it seems that Barack Obama overcame the dislike, but neither he, or the United States while he is President seems either feared, or respected, which one is better? NEITHER!

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